Because it's more fun to shoot at a moving target!

Use a pellet gun…
…a .22 pistol or rifle…
…even your bow!
Turn your favorite targets into moving targets with Spinster

Water bottles

Plastic water or soda bottles make great reusable targets for a .22 or pellet gun. Once used up, you can put them back into recycling and get new targets from the bin. They easily clip into the opening to the Spinster’s hanging clips.

Soda cans

It’s easy to see the holes made by your pellet, BB gun or .22 each time the cans come into view. Clip them by the opening tab, turn on the Spinster and fire away.

Water balloons

Almost nothing is as interactive as a water balloon. When your arrow hits, you get a dazzling splash and the target disappears.

Clay targets

Clay targets are usually used by shotgunners, but when clipped to the arm of the Spinster, they become an exciting moving target of any shooter, bow or gun.

Playing cards

Meet the challenge of a card game by clipping playing cards to the Spinster.

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Spinster Motorized Target Go-Round features:

1/8″ aluminum base

Thick but lightweight aluminum base securely houses working components of the Spinster. It comes with a ratchet strap to hold the Spinster firmly onto an archery target or onto a bullet trap/stand for rifle shooting. (Devices onto which the Spinster mounts are not included.)

32″ long, 1/4″ dia. aluminum arms

Three removable aluminum support rods are securely held into the hub with hand-torqued set-screws. The length extends the targets beyond the edges of most shooting bags and foam targets.

9V, 12 rpm motor

The 9-volt electric motor is solidly mounted within the aluminum base and has a potentiometer, which allows it to spin up to 12 revolutions per minute. Runs for hours on a simple 9-volt radio battery.

12″ long sash chains with grippers

A steel sash chain with grippers suspends each target in front of the backdrop into which you are shooting. This style of chain is resistant to being cut by arrows or pellets, and the high-tension spring gripper on the end fastens firmly to the target you select to shoot.

Remote controls ON/OFF and spin speed

A remote control turns the Spinster motor on and off and increases or decreases the speed that the targets move, so you don’t have to walk up to the Spinster to adjust speed or get it moving.

Variable spin rate

As you get better hitting slower-moving targets, you can adjust the speed all the way up to 12 rpm for a greater challenge.

Operates on a 9V battery (not included)